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Images of Ruberslaw

New Paintings of Ruberslaw for the ART@ANCRUM in May 2015 LINK to New Work


"Ruberslaw from the edge of Ancrum"



This study completed for the 2013 Crossing Borders Open Studios is a work based upon the view from the Studio garden during the rain after our recent hot summer weather of July.


I have attepted to capture the gradual return of colour to the mountain after the rain clouds lift and the sillouette of "Dark Ruberslaw" regains three dimensions.

"Ruberslaw in Summer" A small study - 8"x15" SOLD
"Dark Ruberslaw" Sketch I SOLD
"Dark Ruberslaw" Sketch II SOLD
"Clearing Sky over Ruberslaw"
"Rising Clouds on Ruberslaw"

Ruberslaw is an ever present feature in the landscape view from my studio even when lost in the mist, rain and clouds.

 I cannot avoid using it as a subject for my paintings.... and of course, the sky above the mountain.


This is a detail from "Dark Ruberslaw" to be found on this website.

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