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What's new?

New Work... Old Work!

 A painting reframed from thirty years ago.... "The Path Past My Studio"... The Studio in Flockton, West Yorkshire... painted in 1988.

2018 Art@Ancrum was another good whole village event!


"Scots Pine, Reflections"






Very occasionally, I have used my 1:3 ratio canvasses in this vertical way & some have worked & some not!




This one seems to have worked.......


I am pleased enough to have started another. 

After a successful Art@Ancrum Weekend I have continued with the "Tweed Reflections" project. June 2017

Tweed Reflections for Art @Ancrum 2017

"Winter Lindisfarne" New work for the 2017 Art @ Ancrum
"Tweed & Trees" A rexamination of trees in an Autumn landscape

Three new paintings experiments in colour & mood:- Teviot Vally Mist, Teviot Valley towards Ruberslaw & Tree Shadows.

During this year, 2016, I have had two exhibitions.


The first at Peebles Theatre following the "Transcend"

exhibition both of which were successful for my work.


In June/July I was invited to exhibit at the Robson Gallery in Selkirk, unfortunately, few visitors I am told!


......But successful subsequent sales of work

"A Welcome Visitor" There are Ospreys nesting in the Teviot Valley they can be viewed at "Born in the Borders".

Chris & I travelled to New Zealand in the New Year of 2016 to visit David.


As is usual, David mentioned that I may want to paint whilst there; this time I bought some paints and canvasses and I did paint about five paintings with varied success!


David's apartment has an incredible view across Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, I concentrated on Walter's Peak across the Lake.


The problem, for me, is the colours..... The New Zealand palette is not that of Scotland!!


2016 & New Work for Art@Ancrum

"Ruberslaw & Solitary Tree"
Returning to Scotland in February I also returned to my new work for the 2016 Art@Ancrum. This a new view of Ruberslaw. SOLD
A return to an idea of a few years ago, tree tunnels. SOLD
The sea at night is an interesting experiment, it may have worked; Lindisfarne. SOLD
Teviot Flooding
"November Weather, Ruberslaw" 36"x12" SOLD
In this painting I have attempted to achieve the elusive; "Light through Morning Clouds" this is a part of my Ruberslaw Series of paintings.
Submissions for "Transcend" A celebration of the Postcard; An exhibition to be held at Eastgate Theatre, Peebles 24 August until 28 September 2015 SOLD
"I can just see Smailholm Tower!" 36"x12" A painting planned for a while.. the first version.
A group of trees I first painted many years ago... located at the side of the Duns to St Boswells Road. "Copper Canopy" 36"x12"
"After the Storm - Teviot Valley Treeline" 24"x24"
Teviot Valley - Late Light 36"x12" PAINTED OVER!
Treeline - Ruberslaw 36"x12" SOLD
Ruberslaw and across to Minto Crag 36"x12"
Ruberslaw & Treeline 36"x12" SOLD
Ruberslaw - Evening Light 36"x12" First Painting after A@A 2015

The Art@Ancrum Weekend 2nd - 4th May 2015 was extremely well attended by visitors.  The weather was not good, very cold on the Saturday and wet on the Sunday but this did not deter the hundreds of hardy folk who visited the 12 venues around Ancrum.

All the exhibitors were exhausted but enjoyed the weekend, glad to finish and packup on Monday evening!

As always happens, I had some unfinished work in the studio and one particular piece attracted several visitors.  I have therefore worked on it during the last few days and have now finished it.

It is a group of trees I have painted three times before... I call it The Three Witches.

New Paintings of Ruberslaw for Art@Ancrum May2015

A High Tone image of Ruberslaw just "finished" and maybe the last chance to work on a painting before the Art@Ancrum Weekend 2015 DESTROYED
"Impression - Teviot Valley" 24"x24" The Pink Earth of the Scottish Borders SOLD
A New Poster for my Exhibition
"Ruberslaw - Land of Counterpane II" A return to a theme and the first completed painting of 2015. 36"x12"
"Ruberslaw - The Scottish Borders" 36"x 12"
After a barren time I feel as if I am making progress again! Nine paintings based upon the Teviot Valley & Ruberslaw now being worked upon in the Studio. Three (framed) may be finished.
"Ruberslaw - Long Footpath" 36"x 12" SOLD
Ruberslaw from Ancrum III 36"x12"
Distant Ruberslaw - Teviot Valley 36"x12"

A new set of work consists of much wider views of the landscape & I begin with the obvious choice of the Teviot Valley from Ancrum specifically from the garden and studio; Southernknowe.

Another view of Ruberslaw from above Denholm.. not yet finished. 36"x12" ABANDONED at the moment!!

I have not worked on images of this shape for some years... maybe this painting below of the 1990s was the last?

The Cardplayer's Chair - Homage to Cezanne

The Cardplayer's Chair


I recently "found" this drawing which stimulated me to revisit an idea after a gap of over forty years!

A Sculpture on which I am working to be ready for the Crossing Borders Weekend

Smorgasborders II Exhibition at Hawick


Earlier in the year I was pleased to be invited to exhibit, as a contributor to the Smorgasborders II Exhibirion in Hawick, The Scott Gallery at the Museum in Wilton Lodge Park.


The Exhibition begins on Saturday 9 August 2014.


I chose five paintings to represent my work and had to include the study of Smailholm Tower.


I have been loath to part with this painting... But now it is time to exhibit it properly.



New Work & for Art@ Ancrum May 2014





Yesterday, Chris & I decided that we needed fresh air, exercise and new horizons.


An hour and a half drive and we were at Powfoot gazing across the Solway Firth towards Cardurnock.


The weather was fine but with heavy dark clouds overhead.


Today 9 April 2014; time to begin interpreting what I thought I saw!



WORK in PROGRESS - Another image of Distant Smailholm 18"x24"
"Evening Sky Study V"



The "Evening Sky Studies" were a direct follow on from the Painting above; the first painting completed to my satisfaction in 2014.


The subject matter; Early evening skies, could be any where! But essentially they have developed from my observations from my studio in Ancrum looking across the Teviot Valley towards Timpendean, Lanton or Ruberslaw.


The five paintings are each: 7"x9"

"Evening Sky Study II"
"Evening Sky Study III"
"Evening Sky Study IV" SOLD

Work completed in 2013

"The Three Witches"

Acrylics on Canvas  24"x24"


This is a return to an idea of about twenty years ago.


A small painting of the same subject was exhibited in a fringe show at the Holmfirth Art Week at that time.


It was purchased by Ryo Kawakami a Japanese Composer ( I believe he composed the music for the Great Japan Exhibition in London in the 1980s ?)


I have lost touch with Ryo, unfortunately, but I hope the painting still hangs on a wall in Tokyo!


I must finish this piece... just a little work required!

"Minto Crag" 9"x 12"



Minto Crag near Denholm, a small study.


I intend a larger painting to include the recently renovated Tower.



"Mist at Tantallon Castle"  12"x16"


Tantallon Castle; so many moody ruins on the headlands around the Borders.


The sillouettes of which affect our thoughts and inspire the imagination.


I have attempted to make the image misty and vague to add more mystery... if it has worked I am satisfied... but will try a similar painting again!



"Tantallon Castle" 24"x24"


"Ruberslaw in Summer"  8"x15"

Belongs to David Hickey


Ruberslaw can be dark and forbidding.


Sometimes, however, under a bright and fresh sky the colours on the mountain's slopes glow.

"Lindisfarne Castle" Acrylics 24" x 24"

"Treeline" A painting in oils!


Although I have used oil paint in my VI form teaching and adult education, I have not painted in oils since I was at school.


I decided to use the medium today, for the first time since the 1960s, to construct a painting from beginning to end.


A small piece of work; 9" x 12", red ground and oils on canvas.


My first true oil painting for 50 years!



"Dark Ruberslaw"


I cannot ignore Ruberslaw, my Studio faces this lonely mountain and I see it dark and brooding to feintly in the mist.


The sky above is always fascinating.



"Dark Ruberslaw" I & II 12" X 8" SOLD
"Pine Woods at Ancrum" 12" x 32"
"Ruberslaw from Ancrum" This Painting to be Sold to raise money for an Ancrum Village Project




"What?"  16"X 24"


I rarely paint pictures of local domestic buildings but this one I cannot ignore.  I see it every day as I look towards Ruberslaw from my studio.


A modern house, only recently built, but an attractive property which fits into the landscape well.  I am very pleased, however, that it was placed where it is and doesn't obstruct the view of Ruberslaw!


Ancrum holds many attractive and historically interesting houses, especially around the green..... maybe future work?

"Bass Rock & Still Sea" 40" x 30" A new piece of work for The Art @ Ancrum Weekend in May 2013
"February Morning Light above Timpendean" 24" x 24" SOLD
Distant Smailholm Tower III (Orange Earth) SOLD
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