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What's new?

The "Elements" series of paintings are more abstract than my usual style and very much influenced by my son studying geology at that time.


The paintings are acrylics on canvas but with added detail of collage and texture.


The subject, whilst still being essentially a landscape, also take into account what may be happening below the surface of the earth.

"Elements of Landscape" Diptych



This is the first experimental piece in the"Elements of Landscape" series, a small painting on canvas with an additional surface texture of hessian and PVA.


This initial experiment worked and led on to all the paintings in the series.


Geographical and geological studies with a simple enjoyment of colour and the plasticity of the paint resulting in over twenty paintings during about a year.


A sample of which I have included here.


I will return to this theme at some time, I feel that I have not yet exhausted the idea or its full potential.

An interesting earlier version of "Crop Circles"




"Cliff & Sea" is a diptych inspired by the remarkably fragile and crumbling cliffs at Porto da Mos on the Algarve, Portugal.


Abstract in essence and heavily textured, I have attempted to represent the early morning light on these natural structures at the edge of Europe.


Decorative panels with both tactile and visual elements, they should be touched!


(Right Panel)

Cliff & Sea, Portugal (Left Panel)



This painting took me nearly two years to paint & construct.


Measuring 36"x36", one of my larger paintings and one that caused me to think more about the "Elements" series.


Where was I going with this work?


I even have a journal documenting the whole evolution and development of the painting.


Landscape with Ring & Cup Marks
Landscape & Crop Circles
Quadtych "Elements of Landscape" Each panel; 24"x24" This display on exhibition is hung with the red centre, it may also be hung green centre by moving the pieces diagonally. Please tap the image to see individual units in more detail.
Earthcrust vertical Triptych (top panel)
Middle Panel (Very blurred images- will replace when rephotographed)
Bottom Panel - The Core
At 9' tall, one of the largest painting I have produced. An "Element of Landscape" being a conceit and abstraction based upon the core to the surface of the earth. Pure pattern and produced after a conversation with my son; David, a geologist.
A Fascination with Pyramids: Construction covered with hessian and painted in acrylics & mixed media.
Taking the pyramids further: a Chess Set; board 4'x4'.
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